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Welcome to Powerline Pilates + Wellness!

Professional dancer Nicole Richter, fascinated with movement and the question of how to live well in the human body, trained as a master Pilates trainer, a certified orthopedic manual therapist, and a postural alignment specialist before founding Powerline Pilates + Wellness in 2015. 


Currently she offers Pilates with a difference: her signature Body ReMAP one-on-one fitness coaching program consisting of targeted: 1) muscular release, 2) postural alignment, and 3) strengthening, all specific to each client. 


Over her thirty plus years of working professionally with the body, Nicole has found that no single practice can provide what the combination of release, align, strengthen can achieve. It is impossible to strengthen a body healthily if it is not well-aligned. It is impossible to align a body well if it is pulled into ingrained patterns of torsion or tension. So to best reclaim healthy movement, one must first release each body's tightest or most restricted areas, in order to be able to align more successfully into a natural balanced posture, in order to be able to strengthen most effectively for that body. 


For each branch of the Body ReMap approach, Nicole trained directly with the leading practitioners in the most powerful practices she could find: with Tom Hendrickson in the Hendrickson Method of orthopedic manual therapy; with Jean Couch in the Balance Method of postural alignment; with Pilates educator/author Ellie Herman in her extensive Pilates teacher training regime. These practices combine to form the powerful tripod base of Body ReMap, upon which Nicole continues to build in research and further trainings each year. The power of Body ReMap is in the mix. (And in incessant curiosity.) 


For many of Nicole's clients who have spent years 'trying everything' to little effect, this more comprehensive take on Pilates-based strengthening has meant, finally, a solution: a unique and effective compound key by which to unlock chronic issues and reclaim joy in our daily movement lives.

We only have one body. Living in it should be a joy.