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The birth of a Pilates Studio

Our goal was to (quickly!) turn the old dojo into a gorgeous zen-like space for Pilates and massage -- and it was altogether a family affair. Together we cleaned, sanded, painted, installed springboards, laid carpet tile, chose a new color scheme, assembled equipment, and so much more.

Even the Juno the presumptive chihuahua helped out, in her leettle way.

(Juno, NOT helping:)

Afterwards we fashioned a little altar and each family member presented an object which represented to them some intention for the new studio. Hearing both my 12-year-old daughter Kisa and my 9-year-old son Luca articulate their thoughtful visions for this space was enough to bring this mom-trepreneur to tears. (A reverie quickly broken by the dissolution of the closing sage-procession into a sage-for-all: leaping wildly over and through the equipment in utter fits of laughter!) (Vision revised: first injury lawsuit.)

It all feels mega-good. The space is beautiful, warm, welcoming -- everything we imagined, and then some. Come see!

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