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Welcome to Powerline Pilates + Wellness!

Former professional dancer Nicole Richter, fascinated with movement and the question of how to live well in the human body, trained as a master Pilates trainer, certified orthopedic manual therapist, and postural alignment specialist and founded Powerline Pilates + Wellness in 2015 as a unique haven for health and fitness.


She offers her customized Body ReMAP program of highly-informed, body-specific strengthening, release and postural re-symmetry at a peaceful island studio right in the heart of the East Bay. (Or -- as we all are so well trained to do by now -- remotely!)


With the Powerline approach, you can choose individual Pilates trainingor bodywork options: Hendrickson Method(TM)  orthopedic bodywork, or guided self-myofascial release. But most clients choose our trademark hybrid Body ReMAP (Release, eMpower, Align, Personalize) sessions which combine both -- the strengthening work of Pilates and the informed therapeutic release of orthopedic manual therapy -- with a key third element: postural re-alignment techniques in the lineage of Balance method/Aplomb work. Nicole has found that this trifecta of release, strengthen, align provides the most effective customized approach to your body's specific issues or needs; for many of her clients, this approach unlocks chronic pain and dysfunction in a way that nothing before has touched. 


Come discover your new fitness haven! In Alameda, we're just moments from the Webster tube -- contact us for details and directions. Or join the growing numbers of Powerline followers from around the world who now choose to study live from home.