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Welcome to Powerline Pilates + Wellness!

Hi, I'm Nicole Richter, founder of Powerline Pilates. Perpetually fascinated with movement and the question of how to live well in the human body, I've worked with the body for over thirty years. After dancing professionally for over a decade, I trained first as a master Pilates trainer, then as a certified orthopedic manual therapist and a postural alignment specialist. I began teaching Pilates way back in 2002, just as I began raising my two phenomenal children, and founded Powerline Pilates + Wellness in 2015. 


Along the way I became consumed with finding a better way to get the body moving well, and keeping it that way. The result is a method which I call Body ReMap, and I have been so struck by its singularly effective results that it has become my exclusive offering at Powerline. I teach Body ReMap in 80-minute remote coaching sessions within an ongoing program customized to each body and its needs. 

Body Remap goes beyond Pilates-based strengthening to embrace a tripod approach of release, align, and (then and only then) strengthenIt's based on these key principles:

1) It is impossible to strengthen a body well in poor alignment.

So, you need to align effectively first. 




2) It is actually very difficult to effectively align a body that has developed chronic muscular imbalances over time.


(Yep, so pretty much all of us.)




3) It is imperative to release any tight or restricted areas first.


Then your weak, underperforming muscles actually have a fighting chance to start working. Which means you can actually align your body as it is meant to be. Which means you will then be able to strengthen the proper muscles (read: weaker areas) in your own body map. Which makes for less pain and greater ease of movement. (phew!)

But  (dammit!)

4) Those same alignment habits (or usage patterns, or unresolved injuries, or genetic factors) will zap you back to square one, just in the living of your daily life. 


Unless  (!)


5) You are actively learning (and then practicing) (and then fine-tuning as your body changes and improves) those improved-alignment ways of being and moving. 

So (brutal honesty moment): all the Pilates (yoga, Crossfit, cardio...) in the world will not, by itself, provide what your body needs to recognize, address and reverse the cycle of habits (usages, injuries, faulty recoveries) that lead, often over years or decades, to imbalanced muscle strength to begin with. (And thus to pain or woe. Or general body crunkiness.)


To address those things comprehensively and lastingly, you need to:


to align

to strengthen

to practice

Intelligently -- which means specifically to your body and its realities.  

That's Body ReMap. (You can read more about my Body ReMap journey at the 'About' tab above.)

Body ReMap uses Pilates-based strengthening as one of the components of a powerful 'compound key' trio. With it, we can unlock lasting change and finally reclaim joy in our daily movement lives.

Because we only have one body. (Pretty sure!) Living in it should be a joy. 

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