We continue to offer remote Pilates or Body ReMap sessions at this time.


Pilates Solo Sessions

Benefit from customized training while working on state-of-the-art Pilates equipment.  Whether you are new to Pilates or are already among the Pilates-addicted, personalized lessons (just for you and your issues!) will help advance your practice to the next level. Solo sessions are particularly beneficial for those who are injured or rehabilitating, pre- or post-natal, or working with other physical limitations. Upon request we can also take a few sessions to design a home exercise program customized to your fitness and/or rehabilitative needs.

Pilates Duet Sessions

Work out with a friend! Duets are a more economical way to benefit more directly from a trainer's laser-sharp personalized feedback on your Pilates practice. Plus having a buddy along equals that much more fun (and accountability)!

Orthopedic Bodywork


Powerline director Nicole Richter's determination to find the most effective ways of treating the whole body led her to first augment her Pilates training with a certified massage practitioner (CMP) license and to subsequently certify as a Hendrickson Method(TM) Practitioner, training directly under Tom Hendrickson, D.C.  An innovative approach to advanced orthopedic manual therapy, the Hendrickson Method is the most effective bodywork method Nicole has encountered for unwinding and correcting specific anatomical patterns of muscular dysfunction. (Learn more at The work is extremely comfortable to receive and takes place while fully-clothed, making it an ideal complement to Pilates. Great for treating injury, disability, or just plain life stress.

Body ReMAP Sessions

ReMAP: Release, eMpower, Align, Personalize. Our signature hybrid of modalities (orthopedic manual therapy and Pilates) along with a key third element, postural assessment and realignment (ReBalance), treats the specificities in muscular and structural imbalances of each body. Result: a much happier musculo-skeletal structure that can sustain the benefits of your Powerline treatments long-term, and a body which is primed for lasting gains in strength, mobility and fitness. The Body ReMAP approach is particularly effective in treating issues that just haven't improved otherwise, and is our 'go to' modality for reversing chronic pain, scoliotic patterns and other imbalances, and for strengthening and rebalancing the body post-injury or post-surgery. 

Appointment Rates

New to us? You can try it all out with our Introductory 3-Pack, good for any combination of appointment types (Pilates or Body ReMAP) for super low prices. See details below!


Pilates Solos (55-minute sessions)

      $90 single session, $440 5-pack, $850 10-pack

Pilates Duets (55-minute sessions)

      *per person: $60 single session, $290 5-pack, $550 10-pack


Body ReMAP Sessions

55-minute sessions:     $115 single session, $565 5-pack, $1100 10-pack

85-minute sessions:     $160 single session, $775 5-pack, $1500 10-pack

Powerline Pilates + Wellness is proud to have always maintained a NOTA space and to have given back to local community and progressive causes in whatever ways it can. Work trade is available to those with experience in administrative assistance, booking, marketing, social media, or website wrangling, or to those with interest in studio maintenance, events assistance, gardening and more.  Ask us about our Powerline Scholarships for full-time students, teachers, artists, community activists or those working in the non-profit sector.

We observe a 24-hour cancellation policy for all classes and appointments. Cancellations made with less than 24 hour notice will be charged in full.   All packs (including our Intro 3-packs) have a 90-day expiration date, and all payments are non-transferable and non-refundable. Specials offers, scholarship rates and other discounts are not to be combined.