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Choose from our private or duet Pilates sessions, our Orthopedic Manual Therapy sessions (therapeutic massage), or our signature 'OrthoPilates' hybrid combination of both modalities. Upon request we can take a few sessions to design a home exercise program customized to your fitness or rehab needs -- no matter the type of appointment you choose. 

Solo or Duet Pilates Sessions

Powerline Pilates is home to some of the most gifted, experienced Pilates trainers working in the Bay Area. Our people know their stuff. We offer one-on-one training sessions (or duets: train with a friend!) in our serene, spacious studio filled with state-of-the-art Pilates equipment. Our Pilates sessions are always tailored to your particular needs and goals, and we specialize in designing home exercise programs for you to continue and enhance your Pilates work with us. Contact us today to help find the right instructor match for you.

Orthopedic Manual Therapy and OrthoPilates Sessions


Our trainers here at Powerline tend to be mildly obsessed with the complexity of the human body and promoting functional efficiency within it. Thus several of us are also licensed, experienced massage therapists specializing in orthopedic manual therapy to address specific conditions and injury. You can simply enjoy the mobilizing benefits of a manual therapy session, or combine it with focused Pilates training in our specialized OrthoPilates sessions -- thus reaping the maximum benefits of releasing held or dysfunctional areas in order to then better strengthen and tone weaker ones (great for rehabbing specific injuries or conditions!)

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