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Introduction to Pilates: Fundamentals Workshop   $50


A special two hour in-depth class taught by Powerline founder and Pilates master trainer Nicole Richter once a month as an introduction to Pilates. Provides a great gateway into starting a Level 1 class, or a stealth means of having a professional assessment to help determine what Pilates pathway may be most beneficial for you. We'll introduce the ABC's of Pilates (this really does stand for something!) -- and we'll hit a few other letters as well. Our Fundamentals Workshop focuses on signature Pilates mat work, with an introduction to prop work, Springboard and Reformer repertory as well. Great as an intro to any Pilates class at Powerline!


Sunday, January 27, 3-5pm

Sunday, February 24, 3-5pm 

Sunday, March 24, 3-5pm 

A Pilates shoulder stretch in front of Pilates springboards

Photo by Jim Iacona

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