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A Brief History

I've had my own Pilates practice for years, but have long dreamed of opening up my own studio, a space where expert Pilates practice and informed, dedicated bodywork can work in partnership towards more profound and lasting results than just a 'fitness space' may provide. In January of 2015 I fell in love with both the vibrant Laurel district (tucked so zestily into one quirky corner of Oakland!), and with this studio -- its zen-like, spacious stretch of sprung wood floor (bestill my dancer's heart!), its tranquil beams of light spilling in the front windows.

Before we established Powerline Pilates & Wellness here, 4148 MacArthur was home for many years to a women's martial arts dojo. (Thus those lovely floors!) It has also hosted meditation, yoga, zumba, screenings of independent films, and many other delicious offerings over the years. It is solar powered. It is wheelchair-accessible. And it feels imbued with good movement juju.

Perfect! In other words. (And ahhh, I'm home.)

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